News Of No Doubt In The Studio Again Spreading

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It’s nice to see that everyone is excited as us! Mentions of No Doubt’s Tweeting spree in the studio is making headlines around the web.

NME — No Doubt have entered the studio to work on their first new album since 2001’s ‘Rock Steady’.

Guitarist Tom Dumont took to Twitter to inform fans of the band’s plans, explaining that Gwen Stefani and co already had a slew of new songs written and ready to be laid down.

Writing yesterday (January 3) at he explained: “Holidays over. 2010 done. 10 new songs written. No Doubt’s 2011 New Year’s resolution: to record our new album… beginning today!”

Dumont later added: “To clarify: last year we were in studio mostly writing, just some recording. Starting today back in the studio, mostly recording.”

In September last year, No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal revealed that the band are planning a world tour to coincide with the release of their new album.

Spinner — No Doubt have kicked off 2011 by returning to the studio with the aim of recording their as-yet-untitled new album.

Guitarist Tom Dumont made the announcement yesterday on the band’s Twitter site. “Holidays over,” he wrote. “2010 done. 10 new songs written. No Doubt’s 2011 New Years resolution: to record our new album…beginning TODAY!”

An hour later, Dumont added: “To clarify: last yr we were in studio mostly writing, just some recording. Starting 2day back in the studio, mostly recording…”

The news left some fans confused so Dumont again clarified exactly what he meant in a message board post Jan. 3.

“We worked [in a little studio] most of last year writing songs. We ‘demo’ them as we write, which is like making rough draft recordings. At one point we did go into a ‘real’ studio last year in May I think to really record some of them for the final album versions. But we didn’t finish those songs completely in that session. After that we resumed in the writing studio and wrote more tunes during the rest of last year.

“No, starting today, we’re back in a real studio really recording again. Excitedly.”

Dumont added that with a baby on the way for both his family and bassist Tony Kanal’s, the timeline will be delayed somewhat, but the “goal is to write a couple songs more this year and of course finish recording all of them.”

No Doubt released their last studio album, ‘Rock Steady’ in 2001 but returned in 2003 with ‘The Singles 1992-2003,’ which was effectively re-released last year with new artwork as ‘Icon.’ The group returned to touring in 2009.

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