Official: New Twitter Accounts Debut On 25th Anniversary Of First Official Club Show

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The band has updated their official site with the news of their new individual Twitter accounts marking the 25th anniversary of their first list show at Fenders back in 1987.

No Doubt — After a few raucous party performances in the months preceding, No Doubt played their first official club gig at Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach, California on March 14, 1987. The show, headlined by The Untouchables, found No Doubt playing second among a lineup of fourteen bands that night. Twenty-five years later, No Doubt are still making music together.

As the band put finishing touches on their new album, they have decided to add some new accounts to their Twitter arsenal. That’s right – not only will the band be sending out studio updates, photos, videos and album information from @nodoubt, they’ll also be Tweeting back and forth with each other from their personal accounts.

Please welcome to Twitter the official accounts of @nodoubt: @gwenstefani, @tomdumontND, @tonykanal and @adrianyoungND.

Be sure to follow all 5 accounts on Twitter to hear the latest news from the band about recording, the release of the new album and upcoming tour dates.

2 Replies to “Official: New Twitter Accounts Debut On 25th Anniversary Of First Official Club Show”

  1. I kind of wish they hadn’t split up the Twitter accounts. I thought just having one showed more of a united front LOL

    1. Yeah, I think it’s pretty neat, but it will make it a little tougher to follow all accounts. I do like how they are keeping the band/studio Tweets to the @nodoubt account.

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