New Tweet: Band Shares Photos And Recording New Music

We don’t even have words how happy this makes us in so many ways! Not only did the band share photos of themselves, but they were recording in the studio NEW MUSIC, and they were all together! We are so happy to see Adrian with them, we hope all is well with everyone. Seriously, we miss these guys so much, and we are so happy to see them all together.

The 4 of us are 2gethr in Hllywd today- 2 start recording the first batch of new ND songs!

about 4 hours ago via Tweetie

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  1. I checked twitter before going to bed last night and seriously flipped out when I saw this! My dad had just asked me last night what the latest was; he said he hadn’t heard anything from me in a while haha. Love it and so excited!!!

  2. I’m so glad they post photos on Twitter 🙂 I’m even more glad to see Adrian with them. His family is still in my thoughts!

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