New Tony Interview with Portal Rockline

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Tony gave a great new interview with Brazil’s Portal Rockline while in London earlier this month. He talks about how going on 2009 really inspired them as a group and seeing the large amount of fans that came out night after night really had an influence on them.

Tony says that it was a cool experience working and composing for other artists during the band’s downtime but challenging as well. He also thinks that it made the band stronger though having worked with others before regrouping in 2008.

There was no clear concept going in to work on Push and Shove. “If something sounds good, we work with that.” Tony says that No Doubt was never a “punk ska band”, which many critics (and fans) have called them over the years. They have always had a hard time describing their sound, especially now since it’s evolved so much over the years.

Tony confirms that no other material was produced during the Push and Shove sessions (though we do know of another version of “Gravity” and the unreleased “Psycho” song, which we’re hearing was never finished). He also says that the band has no plans on recording any more cover songs. As far as new material goes, Tony says that they have no plans at this time to enter the studio since they are focusing on promoting the new album. He does say though that they will more than likely write more songs soon since they had such a great time in the studio this last time around.

After turning 40, Tony chose to be Vegan naturally and it’s such a dear and important cause to him. He inspires a lot of us everyday and we commend him so much for taking action and spreading the good word about animal’s rights.

And lastly, Tony says that the band would love to play in Brazil again. They are currently planning a US and world tour for 2013.

We translated the following article from the Brazilian website:

Portal Rockline — Currently still shrouded in controversy of his latest music video for the track “Looking Hot” – which was taken from the air – Tony Kanal, No Doubt’s bassist, spoke with Portal Rockline about the comeback with the album “Push and Shove “always spoken about the style change in the sound of the original group, originated in Anaheim, California, in the 1980s, and of course future shows in Brazil.

How has been the experience of returning to play with Gwen, Adrian and Tom disclosure of previously unreleased material?

It’s been amazing, amazing! We started working on the new album some time in 2008, but had writer’s block and just was not happening, so we decided to come back with a tour, go play and meet with our roots and with the fans again. We put the road in 2009 and did a tour of 58 amazing shows, which inspired us to produce much new material. I think being together in front of such a large audience greatly influenced.

What was it like working with so many different artists during the break from No Doubt and then begin recording a new album with his band?

It was cool. I worked with Gwen on her solo work, and then I got into some kind of pitfalls composing with other artists. It was definitely a learning process for me, because before that I had only produced with my bandmates. When you put yourself working with people you do not know so well, is a different way of working. I think it gave me more experience. When I came back to produce with my band, the process seems to have become even simpler. We all did our work solo during the break, and the return has made us even stronger.

What were the biggest musical inspirations for the album “Push and Shove”?

There was no established concept, is similar to our other albums. If something sounds good, we work with that. This is the concept. Our focus is to make good music whatever they are, and always has been in all our albums since we started 26 years ago.

Several old fans of the band miss the rawer sound, with ska punk, early career. This change was something that happened naturally?

It is very difficult for us to get a perspective of what people call our band, but I can tell you is that we never consider ourselves a punk ska band. We never use these words, it is a stereotype that people put on us. We came this ska scene of the 1980s in California, but always we were experiencing sounds. We are not musicians trying to make a kind of genre of music, we simply compose and produce music and we use what we like.

We will have the opportunity to hear new tracks that were left out of the “P & S” on future singles or in other forms of release?

We did not do more than necessary to “Push & Shove”. What you hear on the album is everything we produce. Formerly, yes, we produced well more than it impedes the albums. It’s a different animal now pro No Doubt. We all have children, and families, and is extremely difficult to gather all of us in the studio to record. The process has to be organized because we all have other responsibilities now.

No Doubt has recorded several versions of songs from other bands such as Talk Talk, Adam and The Ants, Bad Brains, The Vandals, among others. Are there any songs that you would like to do a studio version and have not had the opportunity?

Actually, no. I think we’ve done enough in terms of covers. We make them for fun sometimes, and I think you can still do covers live. In terms of writing something, think hard. We are focused on promoting the “Push & Shove” and on tour, recording only original material.

You’re already thinking about releasing a new album in the coming years? There are plans to return to the studio?

I would not say that there are plans for a new album so soon, but definitely we will meet to begin composing and producing again. We had great fun producing for this new album, we had great moments in the studio, so I would not be surprised if we started to compose again soon. But the focus remains on the disclosure of “Push & Shove”. We will do X Factor UK this weekend, depart from there to Germany, and then returned home to rehearse for concerts Americans and pro American Music Awards.

In a recent survey of, it was reported that, in recent years, the U.S. music charts have become, somehow monopolized by the same pop artists ever. While in the 80s, the podium was more diverse. What do you think of this new musical landscape? How do you see the No Doubt experiencing this moment?

Honestly, I do not give much ear for this sort of thing. We produce music and released. In worldwide everything is quantified, enumerated and tried, but you can see that the history of this banda our focus has always been on the creative side and do what we like to do. It’s a completely different world since our last work together, but I believe in the benefits of technology for producing music today is much, much, much easier than when we started 26 years ago. Previously you had to have a huge amount of investment to record. I also love social media, which holds conversations with fans and personal interaction.

You have always been very vocal about the protection of animals, and eventually became vegan this year. You can see that many artists are going this way, and it often seems that the publicity of the thing. Do you think it is good that more artists are defending the rights of animals, even if the intention is true or false?

I do not personally know anyone who lies about being vegan, it is a lifestyle difficult especially when you’re on tour. There are different reasons why people become vegetarians or vegans, I think each person has their own journey. When I turned 40 years, animal rights became even more important to me than ever. I decided that it would be my main focus. I became vegan came naturally, because the more you learn how the animal meat is processed, the more you become disgusted by it. Artists have different reasons for this lifestyle, whether for health or ethics, but I applaud anyone who makes the decision.

Any recollection of the first passage of No Doubt in Brazil in 1997?

I have, yes. That was a great tour. I believe we did Brazil, Argentina and Chile. And I think we did something a festival. You know, when artists are on tour is rare that you spend any time actually visiting the country, you spend most of your time doing press briefings.

We could not help asking, do you have plans to play in Brazil in 2013? Negotiations are in progress?

Sure. South America is a place we really want to come back next year, we just went there once in 26 years and next year we are planning an American tour and world.

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  1. Glad to read about the South American Tour!!!!! I’m a huge fan who’s been waiting for years to see you down here in CHILE 🙂

  2. Some of that translation is kinda funny LOL They still aren’t addressing the LH video controversy in interviews. So weird.

    I’m glad they are still thinking of making more albums 🙂 I always worry they will disband as they get older!

  3. Austin, yeah, we seem to be having problems with our server. Hopefully it’s better soon! If you ever get that error, just refresh and it should work.

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