New Tony Interview With Alice 105.9

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I’m trying to rip it at the moment, but it’s being a pain. Anyways, so just got to the station’s website to stream it for now.

Thanks to Rosie, Tony gave a new radio interview with Colorado’s Alice 105.9 yesterday. He said that the band is so excited to head out on the road. They decided when they were in the studio that they wanted to get out. The DJ asked if there was anybody in mind for upcoming guest appearances on the album and Tony said it hasn’t gotten to that stage yet, and those things have to happen naturally. He doesn’t reveal too much when she asked about what we should expect to see style-wise on the road. They are all working out now and getting in shape, playing the show two times through, “cardio-run.”

Click here to listen to the interview

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  1. There’s another Tony interview from a Salt Lake City station here to download scroll down,it’s on the right-hand side of the page. He mentioned that he,Tom,and Adrian met up last week in a cabin in CA and jammed for 5 days;he hinted that Happy Now(which we already knew from the Seven Days vid),End It on This,and Different People may be on the setlist,along with New and Hella Good.

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