New SPIN Photo Shoot Video; Screenshots Added


The behind the scenes video of ND’s photo shoot with SPIN magazine is now online via their website. There is no code to embed it, so you have to watch it here. It’s about a minute long, and shows a shoot that we haven’t seen, very similar to the Mark Squires shots where the whole band is wearing suit and ties (very “4 In The Morning” Gwen). We also see little Mason (look at that hair!) scribbling “No Doubt” on the white horse, so cute! I only had about 10 minutes to do this before work, but I added 30 quick screenshots from the video for people who cannot view it. Hopefully it ends up on YouTube or something soon for everyone.

Click here for behind the scenes screen shots of ND’s SPIN shoot


Thanks to Rosie, you can now check out the video on YouTube! Now we’re hoping for some outtakes to show up!

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