New Rumored Coachella Lineup Poster Reveals No Doubt Performing April 13 And 20

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So, a fan contacted me and mentioned that a band is listed twice on the poster and they also misspelled a few of the band’s names. So, is the poster a fake? Probably. We are still waiting for a confirmation from the band or Coachella at this time.

So… is it true? We are starting to think so! In an new lineup poster for the Coachella music festival, it’s saying that No Doubt will headline on April 13th and 20th! We are a little skeptical for the reasoning being that #1, nothing is confirmed on the official website or by the band at this time, #2, usually a fake poster for the festival always comes out around this time and #3, the band is always rumored to be playing at the festival pretty much every year (same with the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas). This sounds to good to be true, but I’m crossing my fingers! And we would be in luck! Coachella is getting extended to two weekends starting this year so you would have two chances to see them on April 13th and 20th 2012. We will keep you posted on the latest news.

I was also looking online for anything else, and found a website where it says that No Doubt were “100% confirmed” for the festival… huh? Since when? Apparently the source for this poster is from Goldenvoice, a highly popular concert promoter, that even No Doubt has worked with before. We will have to see! Hopefully it’s confirmed soon cause the anticipation is going to kill us! It would make sense though, especially if the rumors to what Tony said back in August that the album would out around that time as well.

Starz Uncut — An inside source who works for Goldenvoice just provided us with a sneak peak of what the Coachella 2012 Music Festival lineup may look like. Although a few artists haven’t been 100% confirmed, many have been, including No Doubt and Radiohead.

If this is even close to what the lineup will look like then this event will be insane! We can’t wait for another great year!

4 Replies to “New Rumored Coachella Lineup Poster Reveals No Doubt Performing April 13 And 20”

  1. Oh yeah! That’s what I was thinking. I think the poster might be fake, but the rumors around ND might be true. That would be incredible though — so jealous of all that would hear new ND music!

    But if Tony’s predictions were true, then we should hear some music ourselves by that time!

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