New Push and Shove Wiki Launched!

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It’s here! I’m very excited to announce and launch a project that I’ve been working on for the last two weeks! Check out the new Push and Shove Wiki! You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been keeping really good track of the band’s progress with the new album, so I though this would be perfect! I’ve compiled information from the last couple years documenting the recording process, song descriptions, what we can expect, producers and more! I have also started an in-depth look at the band’s promotion timeline including the “Settle Down” video shoot and their first photo shoot in Hollywood yesterday. Articles, schedules, videos and more have also been added! We will continue to update BSO and the Wiki with all the latest! And the cool thing about Wiki is that it is an open encyclopedia that anyone can help and contribute to! We really encourage fans to join the community and help us maintain the Wiki and help our ultimate database grow! Thank you as well to all the fans that have helped out along the way to the Push and Shove era — it’s now time, No Doubters! Leave us a comment if you have suggestions, questions or comments!

4 Replies to “New Push and Shove Wiki Launched!”

  1. Your dedication and love for the band is truly inspiring…passion is such a magical thing. Way to go and congrats on launching this new effort!

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