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We just want to confirm (since we’ve been asked a lot) that this is NOT the album artwork for Push and Shove. Tom revealed that he’s not even sure when it’s going to be revealed.

@tomdumontnd not sure when we reveal album cover art. Today’s reveal is from single art “@DearNoDoubt: Hey @nodoubt Album cover reveal coming up? O:)”

@tomdumontnd @glamblover El Mac has painted our portraits for the album cover art. Its our album so only the band gets a say 🙂

No Doubt finally updated their official Facebook with a new photo cover (featuring single artwork for “Settle Down” and release dates) and a new logo featuring their name and the new album. So in love with the rasta colors being back — and it looks like the new Lampoon font is here to stay! What do you think?

4 Replies to “New Logo Added To Official Facebook”

  1. I like the simplicity of it, but it would remind me too much of Rock Steady. I do love the rasta and the font though. They need to release the cover already! And I was looking forward to seeing the El Mac stuff.

  2. I’m not a big fan of it…it’s kind of hard to read for people who aren’t familiar with the title.

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