New Listen: The Singles Television Performances

In celebration of Boom Box‘s anniversary today, we’re looking back at past live television performances from No Doubt presented in The Singles’ track listing order for our New Listen feature. The band had many notable performances of each single (1996-2003) but we’re showcasing our favorites and some that fans may have missed. These sure do bring back memories of recording every appearance No Doubt made on TV on VHS and re-watching over and over. Enjoy!

“Just a Girl” (1996)

“It’s My Life” (2003)

“Hey Baby” (2001)

“Bathwater” (2000)

“Sunday Morning” (1997)

“Hella Good” (2002)

“New” (2001)

“Underneath It All” (2002)

“Excuse Me Mr.” (1996)

“Running” (2003)

“Spiderwebs” (1997)

“Simple Kind of Life” (2000)

“Don’t Speak” (1997)

“Ex-Girlfriend” (2000)

“Trapped In A Box” (2000)

5 Replies to “New Listen: The Singles Television Performances”

  1. What a difference back in ’03 at the Kimmel show!! You actually see people enjoying the show, dancing, singing along- as opposed to recording it all with their phones!!! It hasn’t been that packed in a while. I hope they go back!!

    1. I thought the same exact thing watching the “It’s My Life” performance. It doesn’t seem that long ago but it was such a different time and experience even in 2003. I miss going to shows like that!

  2. Makes me so proud to see them grow and evolve as musicians 😉 Their music pretty much the soundtrack to my life and i hope they continue on 😉

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