New Listen: The Beacon Street Collection (Live)

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For your viewing pleasure, we’ll be featuring a collection of original posts titled “New Listen”, where we will be diving into the band’s material a little more featuring live tracklists, acoustic performances, remixes and more.

This time, we’re looking back at No Doubt’s independent release, The Beacon Street Collection. Below is a collection of performances of each song on the album in order, ranging from 1992-1997. No Doubt still teases the album every now-and-then in their current sets with “Total Hate” and more recently tastes of fan favorites “Doghouse” and “Squeal”. We hope you enjoy and please let us know if you have any suggestions for our “New Listen” feature!

“Open The Gate” (Live in Santa Barbara, 1994)

“Blue In The Face” (Live in Los Angeles, 1993)

“Total Hate” (Live in Dominguez Hills, 1995)

“Stricken” (Live in San Jose, 1995)

“Greener Pastures” (Live in Germany, 1997)

“By The Way” (Live in San Diego, 1993)

“Snakes” (Live in Pomona, 1993)

“That’s Just Me” (Live in Hollywood, 1992)

“Squeal” (Live in Los Angeles, 1993)

“Doghouse” (Live in Fullerton, 1994)

8 Replies to “New Listen: The Beacon Street Collection (Live)”

      1. OH MY GOD! I would of passed out if they did that at my shows. hehehe. Thanks for posting I had no idea they teased this too. Bummer they didn’t play more of it.

        It’s actually kinda weird you posted this “new listen” idea. I was thinking just a few days ago how we should make live versions of the albums as best we can, using the best sounding versions of the songs from any shows we can find. Maybe others could vote and help submit too? Maybe doing this on the forum would be a good idea? Do people still use that thing?

        I also wished I had the best audio and/or video from each different tour or different legs of the same tour, if the setlist or show changed much. Like the best from the 95-early96 TK tour. The best from the late 96 TK tour. The best from the 97 summer TK tour. The best from the Early ROS club tour (is there any audio or video from this at all?) The best from the later ROS tour. And maybe some different overseas or festival gigs from that time period, cause those shows always seem different than the U.S. tour of that same time period. And we could do this with each individual tour and or time period.
        Maybe we could make some weird bullet point list of tour dates that have “Notable good quality recordings” with links and or downloads for said show? Whatever just throwing out some ideas. I do love the new listen idea you guys have here. Thanks for all the hard work!

        1. Seriously! “Doghouse” is probably my favorite ND song ever so I would have died. My friend Jillian and I requested “Squeal” at our show in Seattle and it was pure magic to say the least. 🙂

          I think that’s actually a great idea. Maybe a community post for fans to contribute links to their “best of the best” would be awesome. I think someone else brought up something like that in the past and I wanted to do something with it.

          I appreciate your support, too! Just the other day I was thinking of recreating Tragic Kingdom acoustic style and thought it would be cool to do it with all of the albums. I also like the idea of fan covers and remixes, too. I just feel like the site is lacking in original content lately and with the band taking it slow, I wanted to keep it fresh. So all ideas are welcome. You rock, thanks!

  1. Hehehe. Yeah I love this new idea here and think we should use it as a starting point to finally make these acoustic and live albums. It would be cool to hear TK live front to back, from different shows with a good quality. Maybe we could do an album of songs that have different early live versions, I know a lot of the TK songs we’re played as early as 93 and in many different versions from what wound up on the real album. I know New was played at those Hawaii gigs in 98? in a different version cause I had a tape of it many years ago. I wore it out.

    I LOVE the acoustic album idea! I’ve got a bunch of random acoustic stuff over the years, but having them all labeled and as an acoustic TK or ROS album would be great. I bet we have a hard time doing that with ROS and RS tho hehehe. Oh man I wonder how many acoustic songs we could find from self titled and BS. I’ve not heard many acoustic from those albums.

    We could make a section to vote and submit links etc and also to submit and vote on the idea we work on next. We could hit the official forum and maybe even the reddit/r/nxd forum is kinda dead but has over 100 subscribers.

    I would love to have the demo albums too but I don’t think many have been released from many of the albums. I know older stuff thats unreleased is out, but man to have TK or ROS in demo forum would be amazing to hear. I bet we have to win the lotto and bribe Tom before that happens though. Take care!

  2. Love love love these suggestions!!! I would buy every single album you’ve both brainstormed! Please make this happen!

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