New Listen: Rock Steady US Fall Tour

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For this special edition of our New Listen feature, we’re taking a look back at the last leg of the Rock Steady US tour which kicked off in Saint Paul, Minnesota on October 9, 2002 and wrapped up in their hometown of Anaheim, California on November 30. Fans are very, very fortunate to have footage from most of the tour and we can’t send thanks enough to the wonderful bAbeFroman for archiving and sharing the majority of it. Though the sets were pretty much identical (while rotating “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Platinum Blonde Life” with each other), No Doubt always brought 100% to their shows and seemed to be having the time of their lives.

With so many great memories from this tour (and it was voted the second most time that fans were able to get out and see No Doubt for the first time live!), we hope you enjoy!

For individual set lists, photos and more information from each show, click here to check out our tours and set lists archive for 2002.

Chicago, Illinois — October 11, 2002 — Allstate Arena

Nashville, Tennessee — October 14, 2002 — Intersection of First Avenue and Broadway

Kingston, Rhode Island — October 15, 2002 — Ryan Center Arena

Worcester, Massachusetts — October 20, 2002 — Centrum Centre

Uniondale, New York — October 21, 2002 — Nassau Coliseum

East Rutherford, New Jersey — October 23, 2002 — Continental Airlines Arena

Baltimore, Maryland — October 24, 2002 — Baltimore Arena

Sunrise, Florida — October 29, 2002 — Office Depot Center

Houston, Texas — November 1, 2002 — Reliant Arena

New Orleans, Louisiana — November 2, 2002 — The Voodoo Music Experience

Denver, Colorado — November 6, 2002 — Denver Coliseum

Sacramento, California — November 13, 2002 — ARCO Arena

Long Beach, California — November 22, 2002 — Long Beach Arena

Bakersfield, California — November 25, 2002 — Centennial Garden

Long Beach, California — November 29, 2002 — Long Beach Arena

Anaheim, California — November 30, 2002 — Arrowhead Pond

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