New Layout On; Upload Your Videos Of "Just A Girl" For The Tour

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Woah! No Doubt just updated the official site with a new look that kind of resembles Gwen’s layout — more interactive, tour dates listed, fan profiles, and a new video player on the main page. Pretty sweet! They also added a new section where you they want you to upload your own videos of you singing “Just A Girl” with your best Gwen impression that will end up being featured on the official website in the future! It also says that they will show them “on tour,” meaning I’m thinking they might be making a video montage for the tour using them or something. We’re gonna send one in! Eeek!

Hello Everyone.

The tour launches in a few weeks and we need your help. We’re creating the video elements for the upcoming tour and want to include YOU!

We need you, your friends, family, loved ones, pets and anyone else you’d like to include to dress up like Gwen and show us your best interpretation of “Just A Girl.” So get dolled up like Gwen, get your video cameras out and dance, sing, jump, crunk or do whatever it is you do and send it over to us. We’re hoping to get loads of great footage to air during our performance of “Just A Girl” on the 2009 Summer Tour.

We don’t have much time so get to filming. Deadline for entries is May 1st. Ideally, videos will be DV with a resolution of 720X480. However, we can make anything work so send your footage over no matter what the resolution. Also note there is a size limit on uploads of 100MB. Be sure to include contact information so we can contact you if necessary.

Get out the red lipstick, the blond wigs and whatever else you can find and show us your best impression of “Just A Girl.” We’ll post your video submissions here on the site for everyone to check out. We can’t wait to see what you come up with and hope to show the world on tour!

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