Is “Settle Down” The First Single?

You can check out Diplo mentioning No Doubt around 1:45.

Well… spoiler alert?! A new interview with DJ Diplo (half of Major Lazer, collaborator and co-writter of “Push and Shove”) has popped up on Fuse about working with No Doubt on the song. Diplo says that he’s always been good friends with Tony. He mentions again how the song was originally supposed to be featured on Major Lazer’s upcoming album, but they ended up putting it on the band’s instead. But here is the interesting thing — when asked what the first single would be from No Doubt, he mentions a “Simmer Down”… which we’re thinking he meant “Settle Down”…! Diplo also says that he is planning to remix “Settle Down” and “Push and Shove”, which he says will hopefully be the second single. So does this mean “Settle Down” first and “Push and Shove” second? Wow! Nothing has been confirmed by the band at this time, and we’re hoping to find out what the debut single will be by the end of the week! “Push and Shove” has been heavily rumored as being the first single but we will see!

Fuse — He also gave us the skinny on the song he did for No Doubt’s upcoming album. “I’m a huge fan of No Doubt,” Diplo says in the video below. “We completed the record about a month ago—it sounds like a single for the album. It’s called ‘Push and Shove,’ No Doubt featuring Major Lazer. I did my first remix ever for ‘Hollaback Girl’… so big shout-out to Gwen Stefani for letting me do that back in the day.”

4 Replies to “Is “Settle Down” The First Single?”

  1. I wish it would be One More Summer. It would be fitting for the season and they were SO excited about it when they were working on it.

  2. @Liz
    I think One More Summer is more of a dreamy, “Underneath It All” type song. With all the hype it is likely one of the best songs and I could see it being the third or fourth single. It probably just is not as exciting and mainstream as “Settle Down” or “Push and Shove.”

  3. Would someone please tell me why One More Summer won’t be a first single? After such a long hiatus, they need a huge hit to bring everyone back in and everyone who heard One More Summer (Rolling Stone a year ago, Gavin, etc) thought it was totally infectious.

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