New Interview with Adrian on Live 105

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Adrian called into San Francisco’s Live 105 yesterday morning to talk about the announcement of No Doubt headlining at BottleRock Napa Valley in May.

He says that he’s familiar with the area since his in-laws are located there and says that No Doubt has had a bunch of amazing shows in the Bay Area. Adrian is excited to perform at the festival and take in the great wines in Napa.

Adrian says that the band is “mostly doing festivals” in 2015 and finds the opportunity to play at BottleRock very important for No Doubt.

8 Replies to “New Interview with Adrian on Live 105”

  1. I wish it was single day tickets…but oh well. First bay show I will miss since Gwen’s Harajuku Show. Being an adult is an adventure. 🙂

  2. If they don’t have new material out by then I couldn’t care less because it will be the same setlists just changing the order around. I really wish Gwen would do some solo festivals with costume changes and dancers and stuff. I’m interested to hear what her other songs would sound like now aside from Hollaback Girl and The Sweet Escape. Plus it would be a good opportunity to debut new stuff.

  3. C’mon gwen we wanna see you rock your alice in wonderland outfit and sing what you waiting for again! Also would love to hear rich girl, luxurious, danger zone, wind it up, early winter, wonderful life, bubble pop electric again…all great songs.

  4. Remember how gwen said she was getting embarrassed about only performing “hollaback girl” over and over—–i wonder how they feel about the same set list over and over

  5. While I’m thrilled they are doing some shows this year, I wonder what the point of it is without new material? To have fun? To make some cash? I hope they have something up their sleeve…(probably not though).

  6. OMG Bob we agree on something 😀 I think she’s more embarrass/ sad panda over the missfire that was STF. I feel bad for her.

    I think for them or Gwen in particular must be kind of boring or going on autopilot mode. Which neither is good at all

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