New Diplo Interview on “Push and Shove”

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“Push and Shove” collaborator and Major Lazer’s Diplo visited KROQ’s Kevin and Bean a couple of days ago and brought up working with No Doubt.

Bruno Mars was apparently around with him while he was writing music for No Doubt. I transcribed what Diplo had to say about working on “Push and Shove”. When asked if he was surprised to get a call from No Doubt:

“Actually that song [“Push and Shove”] was a Major Lazer song. I really wanted to get Gwen to do the hook for it. And then Tony was like “this songs’ cool, so cool that we’re going to use it”. And then they did the hook, and they made a crazy giant hook that I couldn’t have done on my own.”

When asked if No Doubt was allowed to do that, Diplo responded with that he didn’t mind.

“I didn’t even care, I’m a huge No Doubt fan. For me, it’s like what they did for Southern California with reggae music, too, and introduced it to a lot of kids. Still today, I listen to a lot of their records. I’m a huge fan.”

If you want to check out in the interview, you can download the podcast on from April 17.

5 Replies to “New Diplo Interview on “Push and Shove””

  1. I love Bruno’s Locked Of Heaven. I think this song is included more no doubt sounds, reggae. I hope, one day they will do a duet.

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