OMG! This totally deserved it’s own post, though we just mentioned it in the band’s new Tweets just moments ago. No Doubt Tweeted with a new confirmed song title that they have been working on titled “One More Summer.” Holy crap, I’m about to die! This is really happening! Tom said the band is working on song #7 tonight. This apparently is the second batch of songs that the band is recording in the studio. The album is said to be released before June of next year! Less than a year! Woo!

We are already adding “One More Summer” to our lyrics archive.


I wasn’t sure where to put this, but a fan asked the band on Twitter if we would see “Stand and Deliver” on the new album (seriously?) and Tom responded with “not.” Whew!


“One More Summer” page has been added!

3 Replies to “NEW CONFIRMED SONG TITLE: "One More Summer"”

  1. The announcement of “One More Summer” definitely deserves its own OMG BLOG for sure!!! OMG!! OMFG!!!!

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