New Adrian Interview with Australia’s Leader

In an interview with Australia’s Leader, Adrian talks about hiatus rumors, the recording process and his excitement for a tour.

In response to critics, he says that No Doubt never really went on a hiatus since they were all involved in different projects, and that they never took a break.

Adrian explains a little more about the song writing process and how it was different this time around. Usually they would jam together and go from there, but this time, they would experiment with different sounds first and if something wasn’t coming out, producer Spike Stent would take something, remix it, and go from there. He continued saying that on some of the songs they would go back and add a “ska” feel that would turn the song around and made it feel good.

“Settle Down” is one of his favorite songs off the record and he can’t wait to perform it on tour. Adrian confirms that they are planning on touring the US first then venture on worldwide, including Australia.

The Leader — E;even years without any new material in a cut-throat music world usually sparks assumptions of a band break-up or the end of what was a successful career in the charts.

And in No Doubt’s case, there’s been no new material, not even a whisper from the ska-punk veterans since Rock Steady which was released in 2001.

Music critics say the band is on a “hiatus”.

But No Doubt drummer, Adrian Young, doesn’t agree.

He says the band have been too busy making babies – both children and working on new music ventures.

“We don’t think of it as a hiatus, because we’ve done so many other things,” he said.

“After Rock Steady was released, we toured throughout 2001 and 2002. In 2003, we recorded It’s My Life and released our single collection.

“In 2004, we toured and then Gwen put out her first solo album. In 2007, Tom and myself worked on our own album. In 2008, we started working on our new album.

“So we really haven’t been on a break at all.”

Push and Shove is the latest album from the renowned live act band and introduces a more mature No Doubt sound through a collection of 13 songs.

The album includes a combination of musical genres including the band’s renowned ska-punk noise, electro beats, synth-pop ballads, dub-step breakdowns and much more.

Young said the song-making process for Push and Shove was different to other No Doubt albums.

“Traditionally we would write the lyrics, well Gwen would write the lyrics and then we would just jam until we came up with a beat.”

“In this album we started to experiment with the sounds.

“If something didn’t sound right, Spike our producer would tell us and we would change, remix it or come up with new ideas and then re-record the song.

“There are a few songs where we did go back and play some ska and it felt really good.

“Push and Shove has a really modern feel but it also has a really old-school ska feel, especially in the verses.”

Being rock’n’roll stars never goes in hand-in-hand with being a parent.

And in No Doubt’s case, they now have eight children combined.

Young said when recording Push and Shove they had to consider their families and how it would affect them.

“We couldn’t do 15 hours at the studio like we used to do.’’

“We had to find a time where we were all available since we are now parents.

“We have families that we have to think of, particularly for Gwen. I think it was a challenge for her. You know, I think she felt guilty not being around her kids.

“In this album we spent less time in the studio.”

Settle Down is the first song off the album.

Young said the song was about their busy lives.

“Settle Down is one of my favourite songs off the album. We are known for being a live act band so I can’t wait until we can rock that song on stage.”

The group have teamed up with Rock Steady mixer Spike Stent to produce the album.

Young said Stent just knew what the songs needed.

“Spike is a friend and is a really talented producer and mixer.”

“Spike would tell us what to remix or what to add. He would tell us to re-word or re-work a certain section and we wouldn’t be stubborn about it.”

Like most albums, the title has significant meaning.

Young said Push and Shove was about finding time.

“Because we are parents it’s about trying to find time to actually write the songs and to catch up together to make the songs.”

“You know, we had to push and shove to make time for this album.”

No Doubt are currently promoting the album.

“Our plan is to tour the states and we hope to tour around Australia very soon,” Young said.

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