MTV Gives Paramore Advice To Look To No Doubt

Past tour mates Paramore are unfortunately having a tough time and are going through line-up changes, and MTV are giving advice to the young band to look to No Doubt. We wish them the best of luck, and we know they are huge No Doubt fans and admire them just as much as we do. We do realize that their situation does differ from No Doubt’s, but is similar to the issues that they were dealing with back in the mid-90s. For more on what’s going on with Paramore, check out our link to MTV for the full story.

MTV — Ultimately, Paramore should hold the lessons of No Doubt close to them. The parallels between the two groups are pretty obvious (both are mostly male with a female singer who gets the bulk of the attention, both featured members who dated, both came from a punk aesthetic and evolved into something greater), and even when Gwen Stefani left the fold to pursue her solo career, the band remained a (relatively) solid unit. They haven’t put out new music since 2001, though a new album is due next year and they could put a successful tour together whenever they like (as they did in 2009). In the meantime, Stefani scored big solo hits while the rest of the band pursued other, more personal projects.

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  1. Never liked Paramore, they were horrible. They should just call it quits instead of mooching off my favorite band.

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