More From KROQ’s Stryker Interview with Adrian

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KROQ has shared more of Adrian’s interview (with video!) with Stryker golfing together and chatting about the new album. He says that he can’t wait to start playing “real No Doubt shows” incorporating their new material with the classics. Adrian also says that the band has quit predicting the future and will take things one album at a time.

You can check out the video on (sorry, it won’t embed).

KROQ — During a casual afternoon on the links hitting some golf balls, No Doubt drummer Adrian Young chatted with Stryker about his band’s long-awaited return to the rock spotlight with their first new album in a decade, Push and Shove, due to drop on September 25.

“I really can’t wait to play a real No Doubt show,” Young told Stryker when asked how it felt to play recent single “Settle Down” live on TV shows like Good Morning America and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. “Mixing the new songs with the old songs — that’s the ultimate.”

Quizzed about the band’s process in the studio, Young had a most interesting and unexpected metaphor about where the place where the musical magic happens.

“Once in you’re in the studio, it’s like the rest of the world shuts off. You don’t know whether it’s day or night outside. It’s kind of like being in a strip club,” he explained. “You could go in during the day, and all of a sudden it’s night.

“We’ve given up on predicting what the future will hold,” Young mused when questioned about how many more No Doubt albums he thinks the band will produce. “We’ve been wrong so many times. We’re just going to take it one record at a time. It would be awesome to do this as we become old people. As long as we don’t suck. I’ve seen old people suck at rock music.”

An avid golfer (which he’s played longer than music), Young was quick to answer when Stryker asked him who was the most fun celebrity he’s ever played with.

“Probably Jim McMahon,” Young said, referencing the famed NFL quarterback who helped the 1985 Chicago Bears win Super Bowl XX. “We were playing in a tournament, and he hit it short of the ladies’ tee (marker). There’s this unspoken rule that we’ll speak about now that if you don’t hit it past the ladies’ tee, you have to play the rest of the hole with your d*** out… He played an entire par 5 with his (genitals) out.”

Speaking of football, Young and No Doubt can next be seen performing at this year’s NFL Kickoff game on September 5 when the Dallas Cowboys visit MetLife Stadium in New Jersey to take on the Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

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