More American Idol Details From The Pre-Taping Last Night


Taken from Entertainment Weekly this morning, No Doubt apparently hit the stage around 6:40 PM last night to perform a pre-taped version of “Just A Girl” for tonight’s results show — and we heard it did not go over to well… at first. Apparently they had to do two takes, the vocal mix sounded horrible on the first one, but Gwen was just as spunky as ever on the second one. I hear we’ll be seeing some push-ups on stage as well! We can’t wait to see it tonight! After it airs on the west coast, we should have a video up shortly for everyone.

At 6:40, the men of No Doubt took the stage, drummer Adrian Young going with a demure tutu in favor of his usual thong. When Gwen Stefani appeared atop the death stairs in a white tank top, it was clear that — since they’ve got no new material and are heading out on this tour so they can write some — they’d be bustin’ out an oldie; turned out to be “Just A Girl,” which Stefani literally launched herself into with such flailing fervor she made Bruce Springsteen’s Super Bowl halftime performance look like a Leonard Cohen show. She leapt, she spidered about, she did pushups behind the judges’ table like Jack Palance reincarnated. The vocal mix sounded horrible, but I figured there was no way she could do it all again… until she did. Second take sounded better, and was no less contained. I’m not quite sure what I thought about any of this except that the people at Mommy Group are going to be giving Gwen a wide berth from now on.

At 7 p.m., No Doubt finished, and the poor traumatized crew struck the stage again, this time for Paula Abdul’s number.


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