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Good morning, No Doubters! After all the excitement last night from the Teen Choice Awards, the media seems to be loving the band’s killer debut live performance of “Settle Down” last night. First, No Doubt walked the pink carpet in style — like, serious style. The band all donned matching sunglasses and black ensembles. Very classy and edgy. They are so back.

What did you think of “Settle Down” live?

Fuse — The last time most of us were talking about No Doubt was a decade ago, when the group’s fifth album Rock Steady was playing on a new device called an iPod and your only way to hype up the band was word-of-mouth and chat rooms.

After releasing their first song in 11 years last week, though, No Doubt returned to pop consciousness last night at the Teen Choice Awards, performing their new single “Settle Down” to a predictably receptive audience and highlighting a show that saw (relative) newcomers Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift dominate the awards portion.

The bouncy reggae-pop of “Settle Down” prove that some things don’t have to radically change to be impactful. It’s possible most of the audience don’t even remember when the group’s ska-pop first dominated music in the late-1990s. But no matter. The Internet exists, kids have older brothers and sisters, etc.

Introduced by Hayden Panettiere and and going with an all-black-and-white color scheme (notwithstanding the Jamaican flag colors on the drums), the band sounded triumphant, with Gwen Stefani fist-pumping through the track and (almost) fist-bumping with the crowd. Yeah, it’s that kind of track.

MTV — It’s been over a decade since No Doubt took the stage at the Teen Choice Awards, and on Sunday night (July 22), it looked like no time had passed since they last stormed the show in 2001 during their Rock Steady days.

Gwen Stefani had her ska-loving swagger turned up to 10 as she performed the band’s new single “Settle Down” live for the first time alongside her longtime musical comrades. The entire band wore black-and-white everything, so the focus of the super sparse performance was all about the foursome, with no bells and whistles to distract the room from the iconic rockers.

In fact, Stefani seemed perfectly comfortable sharing this sentiment with the room: “I’m fine (And nothing’s gonna knock this girl down)/ I’m hella positive for real, I’m all good/ I’m fine (And nothing’s gonna knock this girl down)/ It’s gotten complicated, that’s for sure.”

While many of the music lovers in the audience and at home watching were babies — or, in some cases, not even born — when the band skyrocketed to fame in the ’90s, they couldn’t settle down their excitement at welcoming No Doubt back to the scene.

The performance is a big tease to the release of the band’s September album, Push and Shove. Earlier this week, the SoCal rockers released their Sophie Muller-directed video for the ska-infused track, which followed the foursome as truck drivers on the road to a big parking-lot hoedown. The single was produced by Diplo, who worked with the group on their forthcoming project, their first studio album release in more than 10 years.

E! included No Doubt on their Best and Worst feature from last night; naming them the Best Return of the Stage

E! OnlineBest Return to the Stage: No Doubt performed their comeback hit single “Settle Down,” and although it wasn’t some crazy theatric performance, we liked it, because it was real. Gwen Stefani (does she age?!) actually sang and rocked the crowd. They’ve still got it.

No Doubt was also included on their list of five jaw dropping moments from the Teen Choice Awards

E! Online1. Reunited and It Feels So Good: Last night was the first time in a long time that we saw Gwen Stefani take the stage with her No Doubt homies. We were excited to see them perform “Settle Down,” but we were even more excited to introduce the younger generation of teens to this awesome group.

Rolling Stone — No Doubt took the stage at last night’s Teen Choice Awards to play their new track “Settle Down” on TV for the first time. With Gwen Stefani singing and leaping about the stage, they sounded tight as ever as they eased through the steady-rocking first single from their upcoming album Push and Shove, which drops September 25th.

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  1. I know. And they have been working together on projects over the years, too. But I guess to the general public that’s how it seems.

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