Media Reviews For “Push and Shove”

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The reviews are starting to flow in for No Doubt’s new release for “Push and Shove” this morning. Everyone seems to be loving the band’s fresh take on ska and dancehall.

More sources are now confirming “Push and Shove” will indeed be the second single.

VH1 — We have eagerly anticipated No Doubt‘s return, first taking comfort in the fact that even if they couldn’t match their Tragic Kingdom game, we would at least have Gwen Stefani back on the scene again. But then we heard “Settle Down,” and were reassured that they still had it. However, it turns out that “Settle Down” was basically just a warm-up for this frenzied and infectious next single.

This morning Ryan Seacrest let loose a second Push and Shove cut, the album’s whiling and genre-shifting Diplo produced title track, featuring Major Lazer and dancehall hero Busy Signal. The song — which we heard snippets of in that early webisode — goes all in, moving between their signature ska-pop and party banger and a soaring chorus and back at a clip so quick it makes the upbeat “Settle Down” sound like a lazy jam by comparison. And though they try on a whole bunch of new sounds and styles in these four minutes, the song manages to avoid cacophony and all the while sounds distinctively like No Doubt. Like Stefani rap-sings, “just when you think it’s over, we be back on another level like we’re doing yoga.” September 25th can’t come soon enough.

SPIN — The title track of No Doubt’s first album in more than a decade, Push and Shove (due out on September 25) has premiered via Ryan Seacrest, and once again, it’s hella good — or at least, much better on early listens than we would ever have expected back in 2001. “Never play it safe / No relapse,” Gwen Stefani sings with a Caribbean lilt in the ska-flavored opening verse, and that about sums up a genre-shuffling track that bassist Tony Kanal described to Rolling Stone as “our ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’” Like previously released “Settle Down,” the four-minute “Push and Shove” pulls off the neat trick of sounding familiarly like No Doubt while also pushing ahead with current trends, maybe because that’s what the one-time ska band have been doing all along. Produced by the omnipresent Diplo, the bouncy track finds room for a soaring, catchy chorus, rapping by dancehall artist Busy Signal, and a couplet that rhymes “Livin’ La Vida Loca” with “soca.” Diplo’s Major Lazer project also guests. Snoop Lion who?

Rolling Stone — No Doubt debuted their Diplo-produced track “Push and Shove” on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show today, giving fans a first listen of the track that bassist Tony Kanal called “our ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’” The track bounces with dancehall swagger and Gwen Stefani’s patented attitude but slows down for a massive chorus.

“We want to sound modern but we’re still influenced by ska, reggae and Eighties UK bands,” Kanal told Rolling Stone earlier this month. “There’s no way to escape who we are.” Push and Shove is set for release on September 25th.

Billboard — No Doubt has revealed their “Bohemian Rhapsody.” This according to bassist Tony Kanal, who likened their new track “Push and Shove” to the Queen classic in an interview with Rolling Stone.

The track, which follows “Settle Down” as the second single off No Doubt’s comeback album, wildly crosses various genres and tempos, bouncing between reggae-infused beats and a slow, swooning chorus. The Diplo-produced song also features Major Lazer and Busy Signal.

“Push and Shove” made its world premiere on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show Wednesday.

To promote their first new release in more than a decade, Gwen Stefani and co. are set to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Sept. 25, the same day the album will hit shelves. “One of No Doubt’s very first stops on their reunion tour in 2009 was The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the band wrote on Facebook. “It’s time to continue that tradition! The band will perform live on the show again next month during Push And Shove release week.”

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  1. Nice reviews!!! The song grows on you, it’s really edgy, catchy and still ND. Just the lyrics remain a problem for me…

  2. Haha Arthur I agree.. lyrics are not worthy of No Doubt material. They can do better. I miss the days when I could relate to their songs. But the beat is fun.

  3. I think the song is simply amazing and I have never heard anything like it before I am in love with the Album version…

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