Media Buzzing With Latest Studio News

It seems that whenever the band goes on studio Tweeting sprees, so does the inter webs. The media is buzzing again about the new album and stirring more anticipation than ever. We’re just all waiting for a release date and single news now! The band seems to be really pushing hard towards finishing the album by March!

Spin — The No Doubt saga continues: yesterday afternoon, Tony Kanal tweeted from the band’s account, “Gwen back in the studio with us. Nothing like having the four of us in the same room making music.” But, uh, haven’t they been in the same room making music for the past two years? Here’s how we know No Doubt have been spending their time:

January 2009: After five years of no touring, and eight years of no studio albums, No Doubt announces that they will embark upon a 52-date North American tour, with Paramore as their openers.

May 2009: The band is featured on the cover of SPIN. We say they’re back in the saddle!

May 2010: The band tweets photos of the whole gang, together again, announcing that they had returned to the studio together for the first time since Rock Steady.

July 2011: The band tweets photos — again — of their recent studio sessions, revealing that they were working with Major Lazer on the new record.

September 2011: The band publishes a blog post on their website that explains that the album needs more massaging, and that a 2011 release, as previously promised, was looking more like a dream than reality.

January 2012: Tony’s aforementioned tweets about being in the studio — again. A few days before his latest tweet, No Doubt’s feed posted, “Gwen we’re gonna Skype you in 10. New chord idea for Dreaming! Try to stay up.”

We’ll say this: At least the band looks extremely happy to be in the studio. But it’s been 11 years — 11 years! — since Rock Steady. Prior to this, the group’s longest gap between albums was the five-year period between 1995’s Tragic Kingdom and 2000’s Return of Saturn, and the latter was about 1/10 as successful as the former.

We also like this video!

Ace Showbiz — Gwen Stefani has returned to studio with her No Doubt bandmates to make new music for an upcoming project. A picture featuring the foursome hanging out in the studio has been shared on Twitter along with updates from Tony Kanal and Tom Dumont.

Tony wrote, “Gwen back in the studio with us. Nothing like having the four of us in the same room making music. Let’s do this!” Tom then added, “Sometimes making music is easy and fun and everything just works. Gotta celebrate the good days!”

It’s been over 10 years since No Doubt released their critically acclaimed album “Rock Steady”. They hinted a reunion in November 2008, and later followed it up with a tour featuring Paramore in 2009. Talks and rumors about their new album intensified in the months leading to 2011.

Last summer, they hit the studio with Major Lazer. “We’re working on 3 different songs tonight [sic] in 3 different rooms in the same studio complex, all at once. Like magic, somehow it works. @majorlazer in one of those rooms. Cutting drums with Adrian [Young] at the moment,” Tom informed his Twitter followers back then.

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  1. I get that they need to take their time but at the same time their philosophy about the new album is that it will get done when it gets done. If they have to go to a children’s birthday party, then the album takes a backseat. I dunno..I just wish it would be their top priority since they are reunited. I know family is important but working a few months extra hard is not too much to ask for. WHAT YOU WAITING FOR?

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