May 2009 SPIN Magazine Scans And Article; Breakdown Added



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We deleted our last post cause it seems irrelevant now after Mandi submitted her scans to us. Wooooo! ND is on the upcoming May 2009 issue of SPIN magazine. Subscribers to the magazine — check your mailbox! We are just about to dive in and read it and will post soon with the important facts and new information from it. The band LOOKS AMAZING and we are so happy the two-tone look is here to stay! The scans have also been added to the gallery.

Click here for our gallery link!

* Also thanks to Christina for pointing out, photographer Mark Hom also shot Gwen’s GQ photoshoot in 2004.



– Mark ‘Spike’ Stent produced “Stand and Deliver” (Also mentioned that horns were being included…?)

– Gwen said a scary quote saying if the tour doesn’t sell well then it might be “the end of No Doubt,” but she highly doubts it

– Tom says that the band was surprised when the label called their first album a ‘flop’ by only selling 25,000 copies

– Apparently the Return of Saturn tour didn’t sell as well as the Tragic Kingdom tour, but they had “a fucking great time”

– Tom called Adro and Tony back in 2007 to get in the studio to start writing so Gwen could back with lyrics after The Sweet Escape tour

– The article mentions that the “Gwenless” approach worked for them back in 2001 with “Hey Baby,” but was not working for them now

– Gwen says that the band had “group therapy” back when she was pregnant with Zuma — saying there is a lot on her shoulders being lead singer, mother, songwriter, and best friend to the guys (Aww!)

– Tony says the true intentions of this tour is to inspire them for the new record — not a “cash grab”

– Adro’s golfing average is 66

– Gwen says she’s “so over dance music”

– Tony and Erin have started talking about starting a family (We noticed the ring! Fess up, Tony!)

– Tony has four cats

The presale was up 124% for No Doubt than Gwen (Wooooah!)

Also, it does say that should be up soon with behind-the-scenes footage of the photoshoot! We can’t wait! The link does not work at the moment.

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