“Making Out” Promotional Single Cover Recreated in High Quality

Fan recreation courtesy of Jorge Castillo
Fan recreation courtesy of Jorge Castillo

Check out another incredible recreation created by fan Jorge Castillo of No Doubt’s promotional single cover for “Making Out” which was released exclusively in The Philippines. The cover art featured a photo from the band’s shoot with David LaChapelle for Rolling Stone magazine. Interscope had plans to release “Making Out” as the band’s fourth single from Rock Steady but ended up going with “Running” as the final release.

In case you missed it, Jorge had sent us his impressive single artwork for No Doubt’s “Squeal” which you can find here. He’s super talented and we’re excited to share his work with everyone!

And just because we love this song, check out one of our favorite performances of “Making Out” live in Nashville.

7 Replies to ““Making Out” Promotional Single Cover Recreated in High Quality”

  1. Another time Interscope messed up and chose the wrong single. I always felt like Making Out could have been bigger than Running, esp after the success of Hellagood and Hey Baby.

  2. They should have released Don’t Let Me Down or In My Head instead of Running. But I’m glad they didn’t pick Making Out cause it’s my least favourite song from that album.

    1. In my head is one of my favorite non hit ND songs. I feel that In My Head defines No Doubt as a Ska Punk band than running.

  3. I love the video for Running… the song was better live though (as with most ND songs). DLMD definitely should have been a single! That album could have had 5.

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