Diplo’s “Keep Cool” Originally for No Doubt

In a recent radio interview with Major Lazer’s Diplo (“Push and Shove”), he mentioned that the group’s new track, “Keep Cool”, was originally written and presented to No Doubt during the Push and Shove writing sessions. No Doubt apparently wasn’t that into it though it was only partially written. Once the band turned it down, he then pitched “Keep Cool” to Major Lazer. The track, which is featured on Major Lazer’s new album Free the Universe, features Shaggy and Wyntor Gordon on the track now. Diplo hinted that if the track did appear on No Doubt’s album, Shaggy would have been a guest appearance on the song. It’s pretty interesting to hear some more behind-the-scenes info on the writing process. The track is pretty neat and we could hear Gwen singing on the track. We would be curious how the band would have made it their own, too.

Huge thank you to Claire Oldfield for sharing the story with everyone!

9 Replies to “Diplo’s “Keep Cool” Originally for No Doubt”

  1. I’m sure the ND version would be slightly toned down and would have more of a raggae beat.
    I really wanna hear more of ND and Major Lazer together!!!!!!!

  2. The music is at major lazer style. If ND had caught the song, the instrumental would be different. I like the music tho.

  3. interesting song… though, as soon as I heard the lyrics in the first line I thought of that blink 182 song… “late night, come home. work sucks. I know.” ND probably passed on it because they didn’t want to recycle lyrics.

  4. I could hear Gwen singing that song too, but if they did take it, I don’t see how it could fit in with the P&S album…….

    and…..Shaggy is still around?………..lol…I thought he went out with all the other artists from that decade, lol.

    1. I think Shaggy is pretty relevant in the reggae scene, just not mainstream. I think maybe the album was going in a different direction at the time, or it was just brought in from the outside and they decided it didn’t mesh.

      And I also picked up on the Blink 182 lyrics phasing. I actually really like “Keep Cool”. I just got the new Major Lazer album and it’s one of my favorites.

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