Maja Ivarsson On Touring With No Doubt

Maja starts talking about No Doubt around the 9:35 mark.

In a new video interview with The Blaring Out Show, Maja Ivarsson from The Sounds (whom opened for No Doubt back in 2009) recalls touring with the band and how they are “the most amazing band ever.” Maja says that the touring with them was really cool but so different for The Sounds. She remembers that No Doubt was very huge when she was growing up, but she was never a big fan. When The Sounds were approached by No Doubt to join the tour, she says that they couldn’t turn it down, calling it “major.” I went ahead and transcribed most of the things she says about the band.

“They are the most amazing band ever. They are so sweet and so cool, and the first thing they did, the first day on the tour (in Las Vegas), they came in to our dressing room, shook our hands, and brought us a big box of DVDs for the tour bus. They were just like ‘welcome to our tour’. They took such good care of us. The whole crew was so awesome, the band was great, then she [Gwen] asked me to duet with her every night. It was so frightening cause she asked me one day and pretty much asked me that same night. So I had to learn the lyrics and just go up on stage and sing that song [“Stand and Deliver”] with her. It was pretty amazing, I will never forget that tour. That was one of the best ones we’ve ever done.”

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  1. Aw! This makes my heart swell. That was pretty momentous for The Sounds… it was through the 2009 tour that I was introduced to them and they’re now one of my favorite bands.

  2. I know! I really got into them after the tour started. I had heard of them, but downloaded a bunch of their songs after seeing them open in Vegas. Such a good band.

    And Em — I know! You took some incredible photos on the tour, thanks for sharing, sweetheart.

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