“Looking Hot” Music Video World Premiere; Updated


The band has since released an official statement acknowledging the controversy saying they sincerely apologize to those offended. The video has been removed.


As of 12:00 PM, November 3, the “Looking Hot” video has been removed from YouTube.

All official posts regarding the video and graphics have been taken down by management, too.

After a slight delay, No Doubt surprised us with the world premiere of the new “Looking Hot” music video. The video was filmed over two days at Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch Studios back on October 5-6. The video was directed by Melina Matsoukas (most notable for Rihanna’s “We Found Love” video recently) and costumed by Rob Zangardi. For all the fans wondering too, Gwen’s red dress is by Norma Kamali.

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31 Replies to ““Looking Hot” Music Video World Premiere; Updated”

  1. my favorite so far. 🙂 the wolf is cute! and what isn’t exploitative these days? lol
    time for a little pow wow of my own if ya know what i mean! anytime anyplace we blaze!

  2. This video is f***ing brilliant. Easily one of my favourite videos by No Doubt. I hope it helps with the album sales. The deserve it.

  3. The discussion in ONTD regarding cultural appropiation in this video is scathing. Not that I think the same though, didn’t Azealia banks do the same for her 1991 video?

  4. i freakin’ love it. i love it. why are they all so effing COOL!?? and how pimp is tony?! the man crush lives on, hahahaa.

  5. I think the video is incredible, Gwen is absolutely beautiful, they all are. The setting is great, there are some beautiful shots, I don’t get why everyone is making such a cultural issue out of it? It just mimics some of the very successful Cowboy vs. Indian films to me, so why should No Doubt not be able to mimic it? It is very suited to today’s market, so I hope it becomes very successful!

  6. yeah, I don’t get what all the fuss was about, it’s just a damn music video.

    Anyway, the video and No Doubt looked great. 🙂

  7. I am not offended, I am a native, I do not get why every one is so upset on youtube, its just spoofing those cowboys vs indian movies, they would get less hate if they used the song push and shove because the lyrics arent ” you think im looking hot” because Gwen was not acting slutty in the video, it was just the lyrics, that is why people are so offended

  8. Some people just look for an excuse to be “offended” without seeing the artistic vision of the video. A fantastic tribute to the old western movies, the video is beautifully done. I’m Irish and if I got mad every time something portrayed “my people” as drunks and brawlers, I would be miserable. We have bigger problems in the world. Focus on how we can improve ourselves, our various cultures and rise above it. Life is to short to cry about cultural appropriation unless you are looking for things to complain about.

    People need to lighten up.

  9. I knew this theme wouldn’t match the song….. Didn’t like it very much, and the ending is very abrupt! However Gwen is breathtakingly hot, shite!! Yeah, you’re looking f’n hot.

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