LiveNation Lists Phoenix Date in June; Updated

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It’s being confirmed by reliable sources that No Doubt have chose not to tour this year.


As of 7:00 PM PST, LiveNation has since taken the date down from it’s website.


This is very interesting! It seems as though that one tour date for June 7th at the Desert Sky Pavilion (aka Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion) in Phoenix, Arizona for No Doubt has been listed on LiveNation’s website. As excited as we all are for a tour, please take this with a small grain of salt as neither other sites such as Ticketmaster or the band themselves as any (other) dates listed or have made any formal announcements concerning a tour. Plus, when you click on the link to purchase tickets it takes you to an error page. But… this is how it started. The 2009 tour was announced in late February and a few dates were released prior to an official full announcement. Tom also previously mentioned No Doubt will be hitting the road for a 50-60 date North American tour this summer.

This being said, we really DO hope this is the beginning of official announcements and more tour dates! We can’t wait to see what comes next!

13 Replies to “LiveNation Lists Phoenix Date in June; Updated”

  1. I hate the be the bearer of bad news, but your friend at live nation may have been right a few weeks ago. He isn’t now. I am in one of the bands that was opening for ND on their summer tour, and it is cancelled. 100% accurate. no speculation. no tour. period. and it sucks. this was going to be a big deal for us.

  2. Jimmy, there will be a tour. Just because No Doubt dropped you – dont spread your hate here! Tour will be announced any day now~!

  3. Yep. This happened during past tours where random dates popped up on live nation before an actual announcement and full list of dates was made. This is should mean it should be announced very soon. I mean, last summer tour started in April/May didn’t it? So tickets would have to start going on sale soon.

  4. msneedles and others. I assure you I have not hate for no doubt. I love them like family and they practically are family. but I promise you, there is no tour this summer. 100000% not happening. the dates that were reserved at the venues have already been released, crews released, and everything cancelled. Our band and others have already been working on other gigs to fill the spot.

    they have to make it official soon. and then you’ll understand. I wont’ even say I told you so.

  5. Hey peeps…ease up on JimmyP…I never got the sense he was spreading hate on ND…if anything, he’s trying to give the forum a heads up…which is nice of him! Yes…it’s a big disappointment they aren’t touring…but I think it’s cool that they are probably, finally, putting themselves, and their families first! They have young children who need them; Gavin was away on tour like all of 2012? These are real people in real families…they have worked so hard….like their song, “Running”….it can’t be all about going as fast as you can….they deserve to slow it down (primarily Gwen)…..and enjoy….

  6. thanks amy! as i stated….the official announcement was just released. Knowing everyone in the band very well personally, I can tell you, this was the right thing. They are kicking ass in the studio and will have some new stuff out soon. This will allow for an even better tour.

    Note..the record company has nothing to do with the tour financially, and it was 100% the band’s decision to postpone the tour to complete these new songs. They are in an amazing place right now, and I’d personally rather see them get out some great new music and then tour, as opposed to quickly throwing a tour together just for the sake of touring. They are doing the right thing, and this will only benefit us, their loyal fans.

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