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No Doubt performed an incredible live set for the 3rd annual Global Citizen Festival for 60,000 people in the heart of New York City in Central Park. Their energy was unmatched and they sounded phenomenal!

The band rocked the stage and performed a solid set of hits including a welcomed electric version of “Simple Kind of Life”, a shortened take on “Push and Shove” and a special cover of “Message In A Bottle” with Sting himself as their encore. Such a memorable set for a wonderful cause! No Doubt seemed to have the times of their lives onstage and we couldn’t be any more proud and happy for them!

9/27/2014 — New York, New York — Central Park
Hella Good / Sunday Morning / Underneath It All / Just a Girl / Simple Kind of Life / It’s My Life / Push and Shove / Hey Baby / Don’t Speak / Spiderwebs // Message In A Bottle (feat. Sting)

Click here for more photos from the show! You can find backstage photos here.

The band also sat down for an interview with MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow which you can watch here.

No Doubt have shared a few photos from the show as well as from the after party!

Photos courtesy of Getty.

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  1. i think jenny as u not allow us to express ourselves, u must stop expressing ur self too, i always read “we wish no doubt the best” we think gwen is doing well we think this and that, its great, and i dont agree with those comments most of the time. As for example, when they came up with push and shove, u said “oh we think its a great cd its a good work” WE? where i didnt agree.

    so either get back the chat box or stop expressing urself with “we”

    1. I’m sorry that you feel that way. When I write “we”, I’m speaking for the webmasters of this site, not all fans. We all may have different opinions on the band’s work, but we should all still respect and support them.

  2. Lol Lisa! That’s not a 1st… 😉 Not necessary to call L.A.M.E. out this time around.
    I feel sorry for you, Jenny, though! Of course this is your fansite and we get it that you’re talking for your team when you say “we”. It just takes 2 seconds for a “normal” person to realize that.

  3. Beacon Street Online is run by a team of people that are ND fans, and it’s theirs to express how THEY feel about the band and their work, we are merely readers that come here cause of the amazing work the BSO has done over the years. This is not a community website, so it’s perfectly ok that opinions might clash between webmasters and viewers. LAMB, why don’t you start your own Gwen Stefani website/community then?

    Jenny, as always, you are the best and we (well… most of us) get that when you say WE, you are talking about you and your team. 😉

  4. for me, i understand that fans and me speak often with passion.. and heart about No Doubt and GS.
    It’s my case also, then the conversations are not always very understandable, but it’s not a serious issue !)

    Ndlover, i don’t speak for all fans, it’s only one opinion. I like to say what i think only.

  5. Fred, that’s ok! Sorry if I came across as pretentious last time. 😉 I’m glad we have BSO around to keep us updated.

  6. no no no, it doesnt take 2 seconds to realize that, i always read we” and i dont know whos that we if its all about jenny, the other ones never published nor write on the web, i dont know who they t i am not familiarized. is like prettending to speak japanese when u just arrive there.

    1. Just because we don’t publish doesn’t mean we’re not here!

      There is more to this site than publishing, and each of us has different jobs. Jenny does amazing job publishing all the news, and we, the webmasters, support her in everything she does and says.

  7. you are right Ndlover about BSO !

    also, It should exist a world award for the best fans’s site about all big world singers !

  8. i wish i come back again, that was a real fan page, with no emotions nor personal opinions, nor overpwer on they members. but well such is life. and this is what we have for now.

  9. i guess that there are a lot of foreigners fans on BSO, then they don’t master always the language of shakespear. Maybe Jenny knows the statistics of readers by countries ?

  10. LAMB, please STOP. If you’re NOT happy then stop coming here to spam the comments section. It’s as simple as that. You have been doing that for so long. You make no sense at all. Bye.

    1. Good! I didn’t know how tough it was going to be outside of the US. I’ll be capturing the Vevo stream which is commercial free, but the quality seems to be going in and out. :/

  11. If you think you can do it better, then start your own site.

    Thanks to Jenny and her team for all that they do here. I’m assuming they don’t make money off of this site and are doing all off this for us in their free time. Think about that…

  12. THIS website is to promote the band as it is a FAN site— I think that Jenny and the staff hold their own opinions ( most likely always positive) to themselves. They are here to write and report on the happenings of the band and band members. why wouldn’t they hope them the best ? That makes sense for a site thats promoting something! Jenny and BsO i applaud and thank youfor such up to date news an keeping us in the loop! If you want to read negative things about the band, Read the comments here— But I can say BSO will not be one to project such negativity. There are plenty of other fansites for people to view if you do not like how BSO operates.

  13. I Love BSO for years now. Thank’s for work! BTW : the Concept was exciting. You could see the band fighting. They were full of life.

  14. I don’t mean to sound completely rude, but I feel like anyone with half of a brain would realize that Jenny meant her and the webmasters, not every ND fan. It’s a bit obnoxious to think otherwise. I think it’s quite rude to demand her to stop writing in the style that she does or else put the chat box back up. She does not speak for other ND fans out there and has never claimed to. If you represent a law firm (like myself), a website (like Jenny), or any company, then you speak on behalf of the team members that you work with when you address the public… that is why it is totally acceptable for her to use “we”.

  15. can someone PLEASE PLEASE explain to me what LAMB got upset about? i didnt expect all this chatter on such a positive post, im confused. is LAMB upset no doubt did this concert to help people?? im soooo confused

  16. Omg I can’t believe it turned into this. Btw I have to say: I love your work on this site, Jenny and all webmasters. Please keep up the good work. Guys, let’s just be fans? We are all here for the same reason. As like humans, we all have different opinions, but that’s life, we have to respect each others opinions and keep what it’s good for you.

  17. Jenny, I think you and your team do an amazing job keeping us all in the loop daily on what every member of ND is doing. Especially in the slower quite times when there is not much going on. #teamwe

  18. So Impressive, every time out. What pros they are. She had that crowd eating out of her hand, as always. Really rare talent. I’ve seen a lot of No Doubt video, much of it thanks to you, Jenny. NEVER have I seen them give less than 100%, whether it’s in Central Park, an arena, a music store or the back of a truck. Thanks Jenny. You are the champion of a really fine band, and a special group of people. “Judge a person by the come he/she keeps”

  19. I’m not even going there about some people. but I can say during P&S Jenny WASNT all “nose in the butt” of ND and golf clapping everything they did. Plenty of times she would be like “well here is the news…😧”

    Seeing how short the set list is compared to the preview show. Wow what a fan show that really was. They brought it for you! And to say ND never gives us anything….a free 8th night. That’s some Expedia shhh it right there 😉

  20. Now about the video, they sounded really awesome, Gwen’s voice sounds great, they looked incredible, but it’s the same songs as ever. Of course I liked it, but I was hoping for something new. I have a feeling that they won’t perform the songs from Push And Shove because they intend to re-release it someday.

  21. Btw Tom looked 10 years younger! I guess he should keep dark hair. Everyone was so energised. Of course they couldn’t play any non-singles considering the event. Rock In Rio USA will be the same. Festivals are like that.

  22. I viewed on youtube.
    The gig was very great. GS was so cute, very very well singer, and in very good form. Her voice was perferct. Good move !

  23. As a fellow team mate to this wonderful site I find this “we” post so bogus! Absolutely undfound reasoning for scolding Jenny for using we in the opinions of “our” site. We as in us — team bso! We do not speak on regard of all fans however I would bet most agree with our compliments and love for the band. This case should be shut. Jenny keep doing what you do! Xo I love our team!

  24. WOW!
    Does anyone what Gwen’s boots are?? I think they’re the same as the ones she wore on Fallon. I’ll probably discover that they’re waaay out of my price range, but I’d still like to know.

  25. The performance gave me life…it was like the band was waving a huge middle finger in the air to the naysayers and detractors. Gwen can easily bang out a solo and No Doubt record simultaneously.

  26. glamrrrox – the boots are Balmain. I dont know the name of the style but I remember them catching my eye at the Friends and Family show. <3

  27. Great performances. Gwen was killing it! I think her vocals have improved a lot lately, after all those so-so performances during the P&S era and shortly afterwards. She’s in the form of her life.

  28. I just adore Adrian’s light up drums… They all looked great! How many people were in attendance? I hope they continue playing big shows like this next summer. It’s a great way to get new fans.

    Are mp3’s going to be posted of each song? 🙂

  29. I am very glad that BSO does what it does and I think Jenny does a great job. I think if anyone has an idea to improve the site she would definitely listen. I just don’t get how some people explode with anger and criticism over the word “we”! Especially Frederic who barely grasps basic fundamentals of the English language. Jenny deals with far too much negativity from fake fans

  30. Did anyone else noticed that gwen messed up some lines? She was really excited I think. No wonder why. I loved it and I thought I could feel her fighting on stage. The chemistry of the band really touched my heart.

  31. What’s a chat box? Any way this site is awesome and thank you for all you do. “We” as in me and my sister (and most likely other ND fans of this site who happen to share my opinion) – to clarify for anyone who was lost or confused- appreciates all the updates. Thank you.

  32. Jenny thank you for consistently updating this fansite. Keep up the excellent work. Nothing’s gonna knock that girl down!!

  33. No Doubt, karaoke style is cool too. I think if Gwen isn’t worried about lyrics she can really focus on vocal prowess and this performance really shows that.

    Jenny, you’re great and thank you for all of the dedication you and your team have put into the site, especially lately with all of the updates and exciting news! Youda best 🙂

  34. Wow, watching this made me so happy 😀 The band were incredible, everyone performed wonderfully ahh, it has got me so excited for what is going to come really if they’re seeming this enthusiastic!!!!!

  35. I have seen ND at least 6 times in the last 10 years, and they sounded as awesome as ever live on Saturday!!! The video does not do it justice…I was amazed in the crowd! Thank you for posting all of these great updates as usual!! 🙂

  36. They sounded the same the last time I saw them live in Paris in 2012. Seriously people, don’t trust those videos you see on youtube. Nothing beats the real thing.

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