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    8:31 PM EST

    And it’s a wrap! No Doubt just wrapped up their performance of “Settle Down” to a roaring audience. They quickly leave the stage.

    8:27 PM EST

    They are live! The drums used for “Stand and Deliver” on the 2009 tour are back!

    8:18 PM EST

    No Doubt is up next! They are currently onstage and ready to go; it’s a commercial break. Several audience members can see crew setting up Adrian’s drums!

    Thanks to @NDLamb for sharing her photos!

    8:05 PM EST

    The lovely ladies from @thingweheart (and Mrs. Young) are live blogging from the audience!

    7:58 PM EST

    Looks like No Doubt is not opening the show, but a dance group instead.

    7:05 PM EST

    Tom blogged that the group had “good times” one the red carpet and are now backstage at the Teen Choice Awards!

    @tomdumontnd Good times w No Doubt backstage at the #teenchoiceawards Just finished up on the red carpet, countdown to #SettleDown!

    6:53 PM EST

    No Doubt appeared on the red carpet all in matching black sunglasses; more photos coming soon!

    6:35 PM EST

    No Doubt Tweet that they are about to hit the red carpet!

    @tomdumontnd About to hit the red carpet #TeenChoiceAwards

    It’s here! No Doubt are scheduled to appear and perform on the annual Teen Choice Awards airing tonight on FOX at 8:00 PM ET/PT (the west coast will get a tape delay). The band will be performing their new single, “Settle Down”, live on television for the first time!

    We will be following events all day long leading up to the performance — including all all the latest photos, interviews, videos and more!

  • 10 Replies to “Live Coverage: Teen Choice Awards”

    1. Just watched No Doubt perform and they did a fucking fantastic job. The only thing I had a problem with is that the audio at awards wasnt that loud and I had my tv all the way up. But other than that, No Doubt did a fucking great job and cant wait to hear this song live again on GMA! 😀

    2. I love no doubt regardless but is it just me or is the new era looking way too similar to the reunion tour era?

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