Live Blog: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

1:36 AM EST

Video of “Settle Down” is up now!

1:04 AM EST

We’ve heard there are already some hardcore No Doubters lining up for Good Morning America — oh the things we do for this band!

12:41 AM EST

The show has now started! The whole audience seems super pumped for No Doubt!

Jimmy also cracked a joke in his opening monologue saying that he went backstage to talk to Gwen and she said, “shh… don’t speak”.

7:45 PM EST

Dave has shared that the band was wearing a lot of “spikes and punk rocker studs”. “Gwen had some spiky pants and very awesome shoes. They were like sliver”.

7:25 PM EST

Dave texted me and shared the setlist with us: “Settle Down”, “It’s My Life”, “Underneath It All” and “Spiderwebs”. No Doubt ended up blowing up an amp during “Spiderwebs”!

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  1. Sources say those nasty Hardcore ND Freaks got VIP and Band Bench. I hope they sanitize the studio ASAP

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