Live Blog: E! Special “Settle Down” Video Premiere

Tonight is a very special night — and we’re here to live blog it! No Doubt is world premiering their new video for “Settle Down” on E! tonight with a brand new special, “No Doubt: Settle Down”. The special is 30 minutes long and airs at 8:00 PM ET then again at 9:00 PM ET. We will have the special up in the next few hours (we are located on the west coast) Join us as we watch it!

Vevo will be premiering the “Settle Down” video at 8:15 PM ET!

– Touring next year!
– Adrian says the band will be doing a lot of promotion till the end of the year
– Tom calls the band his best friends
– Adrian says that it’s not always easy, but it’s worth it and they are like a family
– The band never planned on success when they were younger
– “Settle Down” live!
– They are showing clips from their live rehearsals
– Choosing the single is like choosing a child; song is about being overwhelmed about everything and trying to balance
– Video is up next!
– Album is very upbeat
– Gwen says that the album is very “now”, “80s” and a “ska thing”
– The band says that when they play these new songs for the first time live might sound horrible cause they are working out parts
– First song was written in November of 2009
– Songwriting with the band has to be right, they take their time
– Gwen wanted to make a new album so bad; but was torn about being a mother. At time she thinks that she “failed” because she was away from her family and nothing was getting accomplished with the songwriting
– They wrote their first new song after the tour and wrote for a following year
– Gwen says that she had trouble writing while she was pregnant, and then still couldn’t write. That’s when they went on tour in 2009
– The band always planned on making another record together
– It was a different process during the song writing
– Gwen says that the band only got together three days a week in the beginning
– Adrian says that the transition back into stardom he’s seeing most in his kids; “it’s an extreme end; in another world”
– The band thinks Tom is going to end up with the most kids
– Gwen says that the band has never went anywhere, and they are “friends”
– The show is now on!

11 Replies to “Live Blog: E! Special “Settle Down” Video Premiere”

  1. Is there a live feed on the E! website for us on the westcoast that can’t wait 3 more hrs?? 🙂

  2. I’m such a dork. I shed a few tears when they hugged each other in the video. Love the song, love the video! I’m glad my favorite band is finally back 🙂

  3. I know its because of my own experience. New was my theme after losing my son…but hearing Ryan ask Adrian how many kids, wanted to HURT Ryan! Then when he said 9, I cried like a baby…

  4. @Allie – I don’t understand what you mean… there are 9 kids! I don’t think he was counting their miscarriage if that’s what you’re referring to… Gwen – 2, Tom – 3, Adrian – 2, Gabe – 1, Tony – 1… Sorry about your son 🙁

  5. They never really count Gabe/Steven as a band memebers… So it could go either way…But in that regard your are correct. If another person said it I may not wonder. But for him to say 9, still made me emotional 🙂

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