Listen: “Underneath It All” Alternate Radio Version

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Finally! It’s been a debate between fans for years if it existed or it, and finally I was able to capture and record the alternate radio edited version of “Underneath It All”.

This version features a different vocal take from Gwen, more horns throughout the chorus, slightly different musical arrangements and Lady Saw’s verse was excluded entirely. I apologize for the quality (and for missing the first verse) as it was recorded in a hurry while at work on my cell phone. It’s still pretty interesting and cool to hear and I’m so happy to finally share this version with everyone. Enjoy!

13 Replies to “Listen: “Underneath It All” Alternate Radio Version”

  1. This has more of a Jamaican vibe, no? Have you called or email this radio? Maybe they could send you an mp3 version? I wonder if this was included on some UIA promo CD.

  2. I remember this. Thanks for posting. I used to host karaoke in the early 00s. I remember hearing this version on the radio and then snapping up the karaoke version and wishing it was the radio edit without Lady Saw as I felt silly singing both Gwen and her (I’d drop my vocal register to mimic Lady Saw ;)). So then I sought out the single in hopes of finding this edit but when the single came in the mail, the alternate edit was not in it. ;( I thought maybe I dreamt up the whole thing. Glad to know I didn’t!

  3. Based on this clip I defintely prefer the “normal” version. Gwen’s vocals sound extremely pitched on this version. She sounds like a child lol. But thank you so much for sharing! Maybe we’ll get to hear the whole thing in better quality one day.

  4. Thanks for sharing Jenny! This is so strange!! It’s more of an alternative version than a radio mix.
    Never heard this on the radio here on the east coast. I find it so odd that they used a completely different vocal take rather than just changing the mix.

    Now if only we could find Hey Baby without Bounty Killer…..

  5. Wow! Never heard this either! I don’t think they played it on New York radio either- just the regular version without Lady Saw.

  6. I have hey baby without bounty. Not sure how I would share it. It starts differently then removes bounty. That’s the only difference. Where can I get the video version of excuse me mr?

  7. I don’t believe this has ever been played in my area. Usually the radio edited version just cuts out Lady Saw’s part. I don’t like it to be honest. Gwen sounds flat and I love Lady Saw’s part so I prefer the album version.

  8. This is too funny. I was just searching for this version about a month ago, because I remember hearing it on a Seattle radio station when the single first came out. Thanks for sharing this!

  9. I miss this sound so much. They took a chance on a straight up reggae track and it paid off huge. Hopefully on future music they will take more chances.

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