Listen: Tom and Tony Appear on ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield’ Podcast

Tom and Tony chatted with Matt Pinfeild for his podcast 2 Hours with Matt Pinfield and gave a lengthy and insightful interview on DREAMCAR, the making of their debut album, and how a chance moment with Prince changed Tony’s life forever.

You can listen to the full interview above courtesy of Audio Boom and we’ll have highlights up shortly.

2 Replies to “Listen: Tom and Tony Appear on ‘2 Hours with Matt Pinfield’ Podcast”

  1. Wow this was really interesting. So glad they were able to do it. I love hearing how their families are so close. I am sad Gwen isn’t really apart of that anymore. I get the impression they have totally drifted away from each other. Interesting Matt never brought up the future of No Doubt. I feel like certain topics about Gwen and No Doubt are off limits for their interviews. The things she said during the Stern interview were hurtful about them just writing chords etc. The guys are classy for not speaking negatively.

    1. it’s typical Gwen, to bash important men in her life during interviews.. we have not forgotten ,nor forgiven ,all those hurtful things about Gavin ,after the divorce, that she kept saying in interviews..And he was the real classy one not to speak a negative word about her publicly, just like her former No Doubt coworkers.. I lost all respect for her.. Success and money have made her so big headed

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