“Settle Down” :45 Second Preview

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Oh my goodness… with less than 8 hours to go until it’s official release, here is our first real good listen of “Settle Down“! Thank you so much to Kevin for sending into us — we finally get to hear a good chunk of one of the verses that leads into the chorus that we all know so well now! What do you think of “Settle Down” so far?

And thanks to Adam for letting us know — Spotify has added “Settle Down” to it’s playlist which is a hint that we’ll be getting the full song soon!

19 Replies to ““Settle Down” :45 Second Preview”

  1. Yay!! It sounds awesome!! Can anyone decipher the lyrics? I’ve only ha the chance to listen twice and won’t be able to hear it more until I get home in like 3 hours!

  2. i cannot believe how amazing this song is….so dancy. i just want to dance. omg this is too exciting!

  3. Spike Stent actually mixed well! I love how there’s hardly any compression on the guitars and vocals! It truly is the best mix of Tragic Kingdom and Rock Steady.

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