Listen: “Push and Shove” Live Edit Version

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Check out a amazing radio edit remix of “Push and Shove” (the version that No Doubt has been playing on the road) that was put together and sent in by our really good friend David from the studio album cut. Hearing this, it’s so obvious that this would blow up on radio — and not to mention the band totally slays “Push and Shove” live. What do you think?

Also, check out a fan’s petition to convince and persuade Interscope to release “Push and Shove” as a single! Click here to check it out and thank you for the support! Click here to sign the petition.

14 Replies to “Listen: “Push and Shove” Live Edit Version”

  1. It took me awhile to appreciate this song, but I now agree that it should be the 3rd single. What do they have to lose at this point? I think you should make a big post about it to get ND’s attention… List the reasons why it should be a single and we all can comment with support…

    1. Several program/music directors (including ones in huge markets) I’ve spoken to LOVE this track and wish they had the green light to play it. I will be providing their write-ups I asked for as they come in, but all initial responses to asking for an opinion have been overwhelmingly positive.

  2. This song reached right out and GRABBED me the moment I heard it on the webisode! I’ve gotten a lot of questions and comments from people who’ve heard me playing it in my office or in my car. The feedback on the YT video is fantastic considering it’s getting around purely by word of mouth. P&S is quintessential ND – energizing, fun, and looks like a helluva good time in concert – I was blown away by the Paris vids! I could tell Gwen was super stoked that everyone already knew the words. I can’t wait to hear this live. I hope someday P&S will be a single!

  3. Push and Shove is genius. It blends together everything that makes No Doubt great; the ska vibe, the Queen-like rock anthem charisma, the energy and the happy feeling you get from hearing it. It also happens to be a completely modern track and catchy as hell- I cannot possibly imagine how it would NOT become number 1.
    (But yeah stranger things have been happening in the charts lately…)

  4. Agree w/ Romy! Major lazer and ND need to work again, the production is absolute fire and needed to be the 1st single to be quite honest. I could totally see the song blowing up, especially if it was slightly remixed for radio.

  5. This is easily my favourite No Doubt song ever, as it’s not only a step into a new direction but also stays true to the roots (ska, dancehall). I also think it could work VERY well as 3rd single and help pushing the sales of the album, so listen to the fans, Interscope!

  6. Sad they didn’t make P&S the second single. I think it will be hard to make it an official “real” single since Interscope already made it a promo single. Which is lame. . . From the way they all spoke about it, I really think No Doubt wanted this song to be THE SINGLE~~ to really show their new sound and blow them up. And I don’t think Interscope trusted them. Such a mistake on Interscope’s part.

  7. I wrote out this huge response and it didn’t go through!? THIS SHOULD BE A SINGLE. It’s the best song they’re done since TK. It’s modern, yet still reminiscent of the band’s roots. It’ll turn heads!

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