Listen: No Doubt Interview with Q102

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In a new radio interview with Q102, Gwen says that the band is having so much fun right now and it’s a good feeling to be done with the album.

The DJ brings up how the band has always avoided being scandal free and remained loyal and true to themselves. Gwen pushes the fact that they were always doing the band for themselves, not for notoriety. “We just wanted to make music, dance around and have fun”.

Gwen confirms that the band only wrote and recorded eleven tracks but mentions the acoustics they did for the album.

When asked how they muster up the energy for live shows while raising children, Gwen goes on to say being on the road is like being an athlete. You need to take of yourself throughout the day. She says that adding children into the mix has made it more challenging but fun. Now the band takes the time to visit the city (which they had never done before) and check out the sights with their families and each other.

Some fan’s questions are asked (including BSO’s own Geo) and the band give us some great insight. Tom said the band enjoyed looking at Tweets during down-time in the studio. They loved sharing photos with fans and getting immediate responses.

No Doubt finds it hard to describe their sound. Adrian says Push and Shove sums them as up cause there are so many different styles.

Gwen recalls the writing of “Spiderwebs” saying that herself and Tony wrote the song at his house. It was the last song they wrote for Tragic Kingdom. She tells the story of how No Doubt “blackmailing” the record company into letting them re-do “Excuse Me Mr” in exchange for “Spiderwebs”.

Click here to download No Doubt’s interview with Q102

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