Listen: No Doubt Covers “Mark My Word” in 2001

Wow! The mystery has been solved! For years, we’ve always been super curious about an unknown song that No Doubt teased us with during the making of Rock Steady. A clip from an “unknown song” surfaced that featured a heavy reggae beat with Gwen cooing softly over the melody while the band was recording in Jamaica. It’s always been a mystery what song this was… until now! YouTube’s King Flashman commented on my video saying it was actually a studio cover of Marcia Griffiths “Mark My Word.” It’s so awesome and I really, really wish No Doubt released this cover. It’s killer from what we can hear! Check out the original version below.

10 Replies to “Listen: No Doubt Covers “Mark My Word” in 2001”

  1. It seems like they were just discussing ideas while playing or listening to it though… Maybe we can ask Tom?
    Haha I think Tom should actually create a blog titled “Ask Tom” xD

  2. OMG OMG thank you thank you. i’ve always wondered about that song cuz i loved that little sample so much. i really hope they release it in the future with some other rare tracks and diff versions of diff songs. . it would be so cool if No Doubt re recorded some early demos like “you cant teach an old dog new tricks” etc and release them omg i would die

  3. I’ve been checking out Marcia Griffiths too. I had no idea she sang the Electric Slide! That song/dance was so big when I was a kid LOL

  4. After all these years, we finally know! It’s such a pretty song. Marcia Griffiths is a legend, and the band sounds so good in that clip. I’m in love.

  5. Marcia Griffiths is amazing! I love this song.. ND needs to release old stuff like this. RS was such a great era..

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