Listen: More Mash-Ups Including “Tragic Kingdom”, “Ex-Girlfriend” and “Hey Baby”

Jorge Castillo has been working hard on his own mash-up EP featuring some our of favorite No Doubt tracks and he shared three more with us to share with you. Make sure to also check out his mash-ups of “Underneath It All” and “Just a Girl”.

First up is a mash-up featuring the title track of No Doubt’s biggest album Tragic Kingdom and music from DJ and producer Greg Downey. He also samples portions of the ‘Remain Seated, Please’ used during the safety announcement in the Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction in Disneyland and in “Tragic Kingdom”. It’s a pretty trippy take on the song and we dig it. Jorge shared that this mash-up was one of the most difficult he’s worked on and took away a new sense of admiration for the original song due to it’s tempo changes.

Click here to download the “Tragic Kingdom” (Greg Dorsey Mash-Up)

With “Ex-Girlfriend”, Jorge mashed-up the track with music from record producer KDrew. The melodies mesh well with the lyrics and Gwen’s vocal deliveries and the drops used throughout are pretty rad. We also appreciated his use of dialogue during parts of the song that pay homage to the add-libbed live version of “Ex-Girlfriend” that we’re used to hearing.

Click here to download the “Ex-Girlfriend” (KDrew Mash-Up)

Jorge’s mash-up take on “Hey Baby” may be our favorite. The remixed track features the Stank remix of the single which included guest spots both Outkast and Killer Mike. The remix was mashed-up with music from Prodigy and it comes across as really professional and clean. We’re also continually super impressed with the custom artwork that Jorge has created for the mash-ups that give each it’s own special flair.

Click here to download the “Hey Baby” feat. Outkast and Killer Mike (The Prodigy Remix)

7 Replies to “Listen: More Mash-Ups Including “Tragic Kingdom”, “Ex-Girlfriend” and “Hey Baby””

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I really appreciate you allowing me to share the music through your site. I have many more coming up! Long live ND!

  2. I hate the sound of the remixes personally, but I can totally hear the talent involved in their production, so I can appreciate them even though they aren’t my genre. Also: Artwork=perfection.

    1. Thank you RB. I appreciate the constructive criticism. ✌I have about 6 or 7 more but it seems people haven’t liked them so I’ll stop sharing them. Thanks everyone.

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