Listen: “Looking Hot” Radio Edit


Inerscope has confirmed that this is indeed the radio edit!

A new “Looking Hot” radio edit is now popping up online. The song was just sent out to radio last night.

10 Replies to “Listen: “Looking Hot” Radio Edit”

  1. I wish it didn’t need a radio edit…it loses some of what makes the original awesome!

    I really love this song. It’s so catchy! I hope it’s a huge hit for them!

  2. It’s def official! Interscope posted it.

    While I really enjoy the song, I don’t think it’s going to do much on radio or for the album. They have four huge radio hits: “Push and Shove,” (HUGE) “One More Summer,” “Easy,” and “Undercover.” The whole album is solid, but those four are the obvious singles. I know fans are saying “…but radio had the chance and didn’t play Push & Shove.” Well, Interscope didn’t send it to radio officially — they sent it to Itunes and KROQ…”Looking Hot” was sent to every mainstream station in the country.

    I can’t help but wonder if they’re not the ones making the single decisions this go around because they’re so attached to all of the songs. We know Tom, Adrian and Gwen’s favorite song is “Push and Shove,” and we know Gwen thinks “One More Summer” is a huge hit.

  3. Gosh, I definitely agree with ALLISON. Any of those options has more mainstream potential than looking hot.
    Ok, the song is amazing and the breakdown gives me chills. But they need something mainstream right now if they want to continue to have the push from interscope for future singles! In my opinion, that’s PUSH&SHOVE.

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