Listen: “Looking Hot” Bass Over Babylon Remix

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The new “Looking Hot” Bass Over Babylon remix is making it’s way now online and is pretty stellar. We’ve uploaded it for everyone to take a listen!

The remix has yet to be released, though Interscope had teased us with a preview a few weeks back hinting it was going to appear on the remix EP. It kind of gives us a taste of what the song would sound like if it’s reggae breakdown spread to the whole vibe of track. It’s a great remix and hopefully it gets a proper release soon!

3 Replies to “Listen: “Looking Hot” Bass Over Babylon Remix”

  1. Ace!!! This is my favourite version GOSH…… Right up there with the Settle Down Baauer Remix wich is uber cool.

    The raggae beat suits this chorus so much, it makes it that much more catchy.

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