Listen: Live in New York 2000 (Updated)

Our favorite YouTuber bAbeFroman has uploaded another awesome video for everyone yesterday afternoon. Kick back and listen to No Doubt’ full set from June 19, 2000 in Wantagh, New York at the Jones Beach Amphitheater on the Return of Saturn US tour. The incredible setlist included “Marry Me”, “Squeal”, “Home Now” and a special encore of “Spiderwebs” including openers Lit and the Black Eyed Peas. Though the video is audio only, it’s still amazing and we’re lucky to have at least high quality recordings from the tour. Enjoy!

Click here to see photos from the show.

06/19/2000 — Wantagh, New York — Jones Beach Amphitheater
Ex-Girlfriend / Sunday Morning / Bathwater / Different People / Magic’s in the Makeup / Happy Now? / Just a Girl / Marry Me / Total Hate / New / Squeal / Home Now / Don’t Speak / Excuse Me Mr. // Simple Kind of Life / Spiderwebs


The YouTube user has now added a video featuring the full concert audio from the band’s stop in New York at the Roseland Ballroom for the Return of Saturn club tour back on April 6, 2000.

04/06/2000 — New York, New York — Roseland Ballroom
New / Sunday Morning / Bathwater / Different People / Magic’s in the Makeup / Just a Girl / Comforting Lie / Marry Me / Happy Now? / Total Hate / Staring Problem / Excuse Me Mr. / Don’t Speak / Ex-Girlfriend // Simple Kind of Life / Spiderwebs

Thank you to Keith for sending in a photo of his flyer from the show!


9 Replies to “Listen: Live in New York 2000 (Updated)”

  1. You can always smell a stinkin tattletale, come out of a shell I think so they can break the link, when everyone knows it squeals and that is just as well, a kiss of death goes out to those who rat and fink

  2. Such great memories! It was an amazing show and night for me. I gave Gwen a few wristbands I made her and she wore one at the EMP Grand opening!!

  3. Yes, Jenny you did post my wristbands!! Thanks again!! I was at the Roseland show too and it was incredible!!! The energy was intense. Thank you for putting these audio’s online, it has made me soooo happy. I just wish I was back at those shows!!!

  4. i was at this nyc show. amazing. people were being knocked to the ground as the crowd swayed, that’s how packed it was. gwen pulled a gwenabee from the crowd and they both climbed huge speakers on opposite sides of the stage, mirroring each other. quite an image.
    i also went backstage and met gwen. she gave me a hug. fond, fond memories 🙂

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