Listen: Crookers “Settle Down” Remix

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Back in early July of last year, it was revealed that Italian DJs Crookers were working on a remix of “Settle Down” which never ended up being released. A lot of fans were super intrigued about the remix and they have since performed it live during a festival last year in Ibiza. You can check it out at 43:23 in the video above and thank you to peek-a-boo for the link!

7 Replies to “Listen: Crookers “Settle Down” Remix”

  1. There was this slower reggae remix of Settle Down that was included on the previews of the SETTLE DOWN remix singles… it was amazing, but wasn’t released with the album on itunes. What ever happened to that one???

  2. Not my fave remix but gosh, i saw the thumbnail and I just miss the band so much. I live in Portugal and the last time they were here was in 2001 for promo! I really wish they would tour the world.

    I know they’re entitled to all the time with their families and personal projects, but…
    Bush are touring the world, i’m going to the concert on july 18th, why can’t No Doubt do the same?
    Maybe Live Nation doesn’t find ND profitable enough to invest on a world tour. I hope that’s not the case. 🙁

    Sorry for venting over here…

  3. what a fck’n party!! <3 I hope they perform this at next years Coachella! I got my tix already!!

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