Probable list of producers on new album; UK to get September 24th release

We’re not sure about the validity of all of this but we figured it was worth posting. As we’ve been reporting for a while (and as No Doubt has shared with us) Diplo is on the list of producers for the album, but we found this little blurb that listed a few more. If we find out the 100% truth we’ll be sure to share! Also, (and this part is probably true) it looks like the UK is getting the album on the 24th!

MonicaMania — The still-untitled project will hit the stores in the United Kingdom on September 24 and the United States on September 25 via Universal Music Group / Interscope Records.

Wesley “Diplo” Pentz (Chris Brown, Justin Bieber), Ester Dean (Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige) and Dave “Switch” Taylor (Christina Aguilera, Nicola Roberts) are among the contributors backing No Doubt on the follow-up to “Rock Steady.”

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  1. A few more? I can only see Ester Dean… and who the f*** is she? lol I doubt that’s true.

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