Limited Edition Individual Show Posters


Nice! It looks like the band will be selling individual custom show posters for your show on the upcoming tour featuring some amazing artists. Marilyn Manson did this on one of his past tours and was a huge success. The posters sold out quickly at the merch tables and ended up going for a lot on eBay later, so make sure you grab one while you can! Artists 2 Fowlers, Jason Goad, and Us and Them Studio will be creating the posters — ah! We can’t wait to see them! This was found on this afternoon.

In addition to the new line of No Doubt clothing items and accessories available at the merch booths on the upcoming tour, each show will also feature a limited edition commemorative poster of the tour date.  So far three artists are contributing to the series with more to be added soon.  The confirmed artists are…

2 Fowlers

Jason Goad

Us and Them Studio

Look out for the posters!

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