Lady Gaga Gets No Doubt Trending

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Gwen Tweeted her thanks back to Gaga this morning.

@gwenstefani @ladygaga I can’t wait for u to hear it!! Thanks for the mention Exciting days kisses gx

Popstar (and label mate) Lady Gaga took to Twitter last night to express her excitement about No Doubt’s new album coming out this September — she’s counting the days, too! And not only that, the band ended up trending worldwide last night on Twitter due to it (she has the most followers)! They band deserves it and hopefully we get the buzz out about them as much as we can!

9 Replies to “Lady Gaga Gets No Doubt Trending”

  1. This made my day when I saw it!!! My two favourite ladies. And Gwen had such nice words to say back to Gaga.

  2. Yea I hate gaga too gut that ius what the kids are listening to so if they want to sell records they have to suck up to ugly talentless hacks like gaga and katy perry

  3. Lizzie, you have no idea what you’re talking about or what good music is. Gaga promoting No Doubt = great label-mates. Go stick your ridiculous comments up your old wazoo!

  4. Not a GaGa fan either but even though we know how kickass ND is , there are tons of kids with record buying power that haven’t heard them really since no record in 11 years. I’m gonna sit back and enjoy watching ND take over music again!

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