KROQ Names “Tragic Kingdom” A Favorite First Album

No Doubt’s local radio station KROQ has been included in a new article naming some of the staffer’s favorite first albums! The writer of the article claims Gwen is their idol and remember picking up Tragic Kingdom after hearing it from a classmate and listened to it from beginning to end… sounds like me! Thanks Hannah!

KROQ — We all remember our first time. Who it was with, that nervous feeling of not knowing what to expect, as well as the excitement in taking a big step in your life with someone special. Oh yeah.. you know what I’m talking about… your first favorite album of course! Everyone’s got one.

” I’ll never forget the day that a kid in my class had me listen to Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt. After school, I immediately went to the local record store and bought it. Then I went up to my room, put it in my boom box, took out the liner notes, and listened to it from beginning to end. From that moment, Gwen Stefani became one of my idols. I loved the band’s ska sound, and it remains one of my favorite albums today.

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