KROQ Is Excited For No Doubt's Surprise, Too!

Eeeeek! I’m jumping around the room as I’m posting this! They are neither confirming or denying that No Doubt are playing at KROQ’s Acoustic Christmas, but they are in agreement with us thinking the band is planning a performance soon! And we are crossing our fingers for new material! How exciting! It’s starting! So unreal!

KROQ — Since the band re-united back in May to record their sixth studio album, No Doubt has been pretty under the radar. They have gone on their Twitter account and have given small updates like, ‘We just finished another song last night!!!! Can u believe it?? Gx’ or, ‘More good songs coming your way song number 10 just needs a bridge and lyircs!! Gx.’ But that’s about it, well at least until today.

No Doubt fans have something more to be excited about, besides a new album being released!

So I was doing my thing on Twitter, seeing what news the many bands I follow have to say, when I got blasted by this picture, no caption, just a picture. ‘Oh cool, they’re almost done recording the album,’ is the first thing I thought.

But then about 4 more pictures followed soon after with captions like ‘Rehearsing for something’ and ‘Got a secret- you will know soon!’ How soon is soon? I want to know now! What could they be rehearsing for? A secret show? At Almost Acoustic Christmas? [That was JUST a guess on my half, I have no idea if that is a fact] A surprise appearance somewhere? A performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!? Regardless of what for, I am excited, this means No Doubt is officially back, and ready to begin rocking out! Excuse me while I skank around the building.

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